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Fort Christmas Entrance


Fort Christmas Historical Society is a nonprofit 501(C)3 organization established in 1990 by local residents. The general purpose is to research, collect, arrange, record and preserve historical items, memorabilia, material and data. In addition, we educate and disseminate knowledge and information relating to the history of the area encompassed by the historic community of Fort Christmas (now Christmas, Florida) and its surrounding environs and including its people from the very earliest settlement by the Native American Indians.

We are glad to partner with Fort Christmas Historical Park and Museum in the operation, preservation and presentation of the historical heritage and traditions of the community, its people and its environs.

In addition we sponsor, co-sponsor, promote, assist, and/or jointly conduct expositions, field days, demonstrations, commemorations, site surveys, and/or historic celebrations in conjunction with and in cooperation with local, state and national societies, organizations and governmental agencies.

To take a virtual tour of the Fort Christmas Museum & Park, please click on this link. Fort Christmas Tour